Leading the next generation into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ so they will follow Him relentlessly and impact the world around them.



God has been and continues to be on a Relentless Endeavor to save mankind. He stopped at nothing. Including the sacrifice of His own son, Jesus Christ, in order to redeem us, and He continues to reveal Himself through His Holy Spirit so that all may come to know Him



We want the next generation to know that their faith is not just an activity to engage in while they are young. It is a lifetime walk with God. We don’t “move on” from faith. It is a Relentless Endeavor that is meant to last forever.



We are on a Relentless Endeavor to see the next generation come to faith in Christ. We will seek new, effective ways to engage youth and young adults in authentic community, service. Bible Study and intentional discussions about ways to navigate faith in God and life in today’s culture.